About Us

Our History And Goals was started in 1990 to manufacture this one product to give therapists and teachers a durable useful teaching aid. 

The products on the market at that time were heavy or hazardous or both. 

In conjunction with a close friend who is herself an Occupational Therapist, the idea of the SuperSlantBoard was born.

We built several features into this product, such as the cut-in carry handle to benefit  teachers as well as their students.

Nearly indestuuctable the SuperSlantBoard has been designed to provide a long  service life and allow students to concentrate on learning instead of manipulating their papers or classroom materials.

Our goal is to provide a useful and affordable tool that will enable your students to learn.

Therapists and School Districts across America already know the many benefits of the SuperSlantBoard. And their Students performance improves by using them every day!

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